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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

As a result of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, thousands of people were buried under the rubble, and tens of thousands were injured.

10th Feb 2023

It is freezing cold, there is no electricity, no food, no clean water, no heating, no medical equipment and no blankets. Everything is missing.

Our Turkish partners have now asked Child-Help for urgent help. They are on the ground with a task force. Our pediatric neurosurgeon Eylem Öcal is already on her way to the disaster area with medical equipment.

Many children there have suffered brain trauma and paraplegia and need specialist medical help quickly. Among them are many girls and boys who were previously impaired.

Child-Help will support the humanitarian assistance of our Turkish partners. They will be on the ground long time after the camera’s will have left the disaster area. Because aftercare for the people who survived the earthquakes will be needed for a very long time.

Please support us with an emergency donation of 30, 50 or even 100 euros. Every euro counts.

In this devastating natural disaster, every minute counts. Please don’t hesitate and help today. Your donation can make THE difference!


BE56 7380 1971 7088

20th Feb 2023

Turkey Earthquake Update – 20 tents sent to Hatay, Turkey

As a result of the communication with our pediatric neurosurgeon, Eylem Ocal, we received the report from Turkey and affected areas. The situation in the epicenters of the earthquakes is devastating. The rescue and recovery phase is over, as we had the opportunity to see on the news, and the heartbreak of the red balloons in the rubble.

Thanks to donations, we were able to send 20 tents to Hatay, one of the epicenters in Turkey. The tents can situate 6-8 people, and protect them from winter conditions.

This is just a start, we will continue sending necessities, and providing help to affected children and their families.

The next phase in the crisis aftermath is clearing the rubble, which won’t bring homes back to the millions of families affected. They will need shelter, food, clothes, and specifically to SBH children, medical material, access to care, and assistive devices. Therefore, please continue supporting our work. It is essential that in these challenging times, we come together and show the meaning of humanity.

Please support us with an emergency donation of 30, 50 or even 100 eur. Every euro counts!


IBAN: BE56 7380 1971 7088

23rd Feb 2023

Turkey Earthquake Update – people in Turkey received the tents

20 tents were distributed to the people whose houses were heavily damaged, and destroyed in the earthquake.

Once they arrived to the village, the tents were set up quickly, thanks to the team effort of people whose spirits remained unshattered.

The tents are made to be the new, temporary home, with heating, and enough room for families to sit together, and not be scared about the winter, shelter, and food.

13th March 2023

Child-Help Germany provided 10,000 euros worth of drinking water to Hatay region in Turkey

Our local partners in the earthquake affected region created a list of necessities, among which was drinking water, therefore, we decided to focus on procuring bottled, drinking water for earthquake victims. Child-Help Germany has complied with the request and transferred 10,000 euros as emergency aid for the procurement of drinking water. That donation brings 136.092 liters of drinking water to people in need, which is sufficient to meet the need of 2,195 people for one whole month or 4,538 people for the next 2 weeks.

You can continue supporting our work here:https://childhelp.koalect.com/en-GB/p/aardbeving/step-1

IBAN: BE56 7380 1971 7088