[IN DUTCH] Podcast: From memory #5 Situation in-Ukraine Pierre-Mertens and Ihor Vitenko

This podcast is in Dutch language!

Conversation between Child-Help founders and Ukrainian wound care specialist about the emergency situation in Ukraine and Child-Help’s support.

Summary is available in English here.

[IN DUTCH] Podcast: From memory #4 Ronald Van Ham and Lieven Bauwens on the magic of a maker mentality

This podcast is in Dutch language!

Ronald Van Ham, a member of Team Scheire, tells a fascinating story of how people can use their tools to do things they could not have imagined in their wildest dreams.

[IN DUTCH] Podcast: From memory #3 Geert Van Hove and Lieven Bauwens on the importance of family

This podcast is in Dutch language!

Prof. Dr. Geert Van Hove explains why family is crucial for children born with disabilities. He also talks about the research ‘Obuntu Bulamu’ that Femke Bannink conducted with Child-Help in Uganda.

[IN DUTCH] Podcast: From memory #2 Wivina Demeester and Pierre Mertens on the politics of caring

This podcast is in Dutch language!

This is the second conversation of “From Memory,” a conversation series with experts on a particular topic that is also important to Child-Help. The second conversation is about the politics of caring. Today is Oct. 25, 2020, the World Day for spina bifida and hydrocephalus. The conversation today actually takes us to the origins of Child-Help’s projects.

[IN DUTCH] Podcast: From memory #1 Dirk De Wachter and Pierre Mertens

This podcast is in Dutch language!

Prof. Dr. Dirk De Wachter, psychiatrist, professor at the KU Leuven, author of ‘Borderline times’ and godfather of Child-Help speaks with Pierre Mertens, founder of Child-Help and visual artist, about the art of caring.