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Thank-you notes from parents in Ukraine

The medical materials, equipment, hygiene products and other basic necessities have been reaching our target group in Ukraine since we started sending ambulances in March. Below you can enjoy the kind words and beautiful photos from parents and children in Ukraine.

Liza, 18 y

“Hello! Today we received the parcel. We sincerely thank you for your help. My daughter Elizaveta needs these hygiene products every day. Our child needs diapers and catheters, but she was happier with sweets!

There is a need for diapers, underpads and catheters. Especially thank you for the address delivery! Your care and great work are very important to us. With respect and gratitude, the family.” – Liza’s mother

Yana and Svitlana 15, 17 y

“Hello! My name is Iryna Matsun. I have two daughters, Svitlana, 17 years old, and Yana, 14 years old. They were born with a diagnosis of spinal bifida and with dysfunction of the pelvic organs. Because of the disease, they are forced to walk in diapers. Today I received help in the form of 8 packages of diapers-pants, soap, toothpaste, sweets. I want to thank you for that. These products are very necessary for us. After all, we use 6 diapers every day. Once again, thank you very much. ” – Iryna

Marija, 7 y

“Thank you very much for your help and your work! For our daughter, Marichka, these products are absolutely necessary to preserve the function of the kidneys and the evacuation of the bowels, since there is a dysfunction in the work of these organs. We use these tools daily in the amount of 6-7 catheters per day, diapers-4-5 per day. We are extremely grateful for your help, it is very valuable for us and our child! May God bless your families and your children! Health and a peaceful sky!” – Marija’s mother

Anastasia, 15 y

“Good afternoon. We just received a parcel from you. Sincere thanks for your care and help during this difficult time. For my daughter, Anastasia, 14 years old, your help is extremely important, as she was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. My daughter can’t feel anything below the waist and has bladder and kidney problems. We catheterize 4 times a day. We need 120 units per month (catheters and diapers). She also takes medication for urinary retention. She does not feel when there are bowel movements. Your help is very important to us, as I am raising my daughter alone. Nastia was very happy with the sweets you gave. She was so happy that she almost jumped out of the wheelchair. It is the greatest happiness to see the smile on her face. Many thanks for your work!” – Anastasia’s Mother

Alina, 3 y

“Thank you very much for your support and such necessary medical supplies. Sincerely, the family.” – Alina’s family

Vaselyna, 12 y

“Thank you very much for your help!!!!! Permanent catheterization is very important for the health of our children.” – Vaselyna’s parents

Bear in mind that the need for help is ongoing. Lights of Spirit (our partner organization in Ukraine) received and processed 110 requests for support of children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus in Ukraine.

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