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Project visit – Malawi – Part 5

Here we are, the final piece of Pierre’s Malawi project visit. In this 5th piece we’ll also focus on Chisamo and his mother, Emilie.

Our intimate conversation about life and death was interrupted by a group of 8 people who wanted to visit. They were waiting outside, and we wrapped up our conversation inside and said goodbye, promising paracetamol delivery to Emilie. I also gave Blessings a list of materials he should bring on every visit.

One thing that didn’t cross my mind, but it did Janet’s, was why the 2nd son didn’t go to school? That was also left as another assignment for Blessings and Rose to handle. We will get further information within a couple of weeks.

Helping hand

Back to the group of visitors. Who are they? The leader of the group knows the father of the family, and he said: “The man does not really want to ask for help from his colleagues. He seems somewhat ashamed”. Asking for help may seem particularly difficult to some people, that’s why we were so glad to hear that regardless of whether they got asked to help, or not, they took initiative and 8 of them brought food and shoes – two cans of fish, and a bag of flour. Community, friends, coming together to help one another, that is the essence of humanity, of comradery.

I gave my card to the group, and asked Blessings to get in touch with them, so they could work together. All help is welcome here, but preferably help that helps. This requires knowledge and information. Blessings can offer that to them about spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Fast forward a couple of days, I’m back home, and I got the list of the inventory of materials for the home visit. I made some changes to it, adding paracetamol and swapping an expensive lubricant for catheterization with oil, which works just as well, and is significantly cheaper. Remember, one euro can only be used once.

This is where we will close our story from the project visit in Malawi, however, we will keep you updated about Chisamo’s condition, Emilie, and the family, as well as about other individuals that you’ve read in this 5-part story. About our colleague Rose, Blessings, Aisha and Razack.

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